Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boston Globe won't Publish GM's Response: Well they Post it on The Fast Lane!

I like it. The Boston Globe wrote a critical piece about GM and would not publish their response in the paper. Well, they published it on their blog GM fastLane Blog. I really like the way I see this communication happening (Disclaimer: I have no in depth knowledge about the issue discussed at the Globe and by GM but I do like the way GM used its blog). Have a look at the post that begins like this:

(Editor’s note: Journalist Derrick Jackson of The Boston Globe recently attacked Detroit’s automakers in his syndicated column. Below is our response. We submitted this to the Globe, but the newspaper declined to run it, citing its policy of not accepting op/eds that respond to Globe columns. The Globe did run a much shorter version of this response in their letters to the editor column Saturday (Sept. 16). We asked that they include this blog’s address at the end of the letter, so their readers could see the full text. They declined. The Miami Herald also ran the Jackson column, and also declined to run our response. Fortunately, our blogs give us a chance to give you the full story, from our point of view, and expand the debate beyond the Globe’s op/ed page. Let us know what you think.)


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