Monday, October 16, 2006

Now What are Your Customers Saying?

Air Slovakia has been in news for being bought over by British businessmen of Indian origin. BBC News reports:
Harjinder Singh Sidhu, who lives in the UK and is a British passport holder, bought Air Slovakia, a small privately owned airline based in the capital, Bratislava last week, it has emerged.
However what really caught my attention was that when it came to reporting customer perception, BBC picked up opinions expressed online:
Airline passenger websites do not report a very happy experience of travelling on Air Slovakia so far.

"My advice would be not to travel on Air Slovakia, very poor service, very cramped, not enough leg room, staff rude, food poor.. Air Slovakia leave you stranded and offer you no help," complains a passenger on one website.

Another passenger wrote: "The air stewardesses grasp of English was very poor and they had no concept of any other languages like Punjabi or Hindi which was very unusual considering all the passengers were of Asian origin."

Mr Singh admits that there are "service issues with passenger satisfaction" that need to be addressed.


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