Friday, October 13, 2006

GM FastLane Blog: I Was Wondering about the Comments

I read GM's FastLane Blog now and then. There was a post by Ed Welburn, GM Vice President, Global Design about H3 (Hummer) production facility in South Africa. Now all I know about Hummer is that McDonald's was facing flak from consumers when they gave it out as a toy with Happy Meals. And there I read it is supposed to be a gas guzzler.

So I was writing a cooment on the GM post, thinking probably it will never go through moderation. But they did let it go.

Similarly, there are a lot more comments on McDonald's official blog regarding the Hummer issue (linked above). Now I had seen this post standing for a long time with 6 comments in a particular sequence. Now there are 24 replies (many very critical) and again it is heartening to see that they too let it past moderation.


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